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What should local youth councils be like?

A3: Local Youth Councils National Meeting 2021 launched an open reflection on the mission, impact and potential of Local Youth Councils. This was the first event of its kind in Portugal and aimed to strengthen youth participation and the quality development of local youth policies.

In 2021, A3 brought together 88 municipalities and 343 participants to design the A3 Declaration to modernize Local Youth Councils:

  • 10 ideas to modernize Local Youth Councils
  • Pool of projects to transform ideas into best practices


On 23-24 April, young people, municipality youth workers and policy makers worked together to support mutual learning, competence development and discover possibilities to continue building democracy.

The second day included a high-level Deputy-Mayors for Youth National Meeting 2021.

A3: Local Youth Councils National Meeting 20212021
A3-Braga-Porto 23-24 ABR 2021
#ENCMJ2021 #cmjdofuturo