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Keep reflecting

A3: Local Youth Councils National Meeting 2021 is a starting point. Keep reflecting, working and sharing…

  1. Are young people deciding the Local Youth Council agenda?
  2. Does the Local Youth Council consult and represent all young people in the Municipality? Is it accountable to all young people?
  3. Is there diversity in the Local Youth Council? Does the Local Youth Council ensure gender balance and the representation of young people with fewer opportunities, under-represented young people and minorities groups?
  4. Is it possible to open up the Local Youth Council, balancing its representatives with 50% of young leaders from youth organisations and 50% of non-organized youth elected from the civil society?
  5. Is the Local Youth Council supporting and promoting competence development for a democratic culture and active citizenship?
  6. Should the Local Youth Council have an independent budget to develop its own activity plan focused on democratic participation, youth information and youth work?
  7. Does the Local Youth Council ensure that the Municipality is working on a cross-sectorial approach to support youth autonomy and youth empowerment?
  8. Should the Local Youth Council create work teams to deliver youth checks and policies papers for the Local Council?
  9. Is the Local Youth Council a living lab for youth participation, capable of exploring new forms of participation, including co-decision, co-production, digital participation, vote at 16, among other solutions to continue building democracy?
  10. Is the Local Youth Council exploring new approaches to support citizen-centred services, digitization, governance, public innovation, and respond to the 21th century generation?
  11. Should there be a National Network of Local Youth Councils?
  12. How can we connect the Youth Goals, EU Youth Dialogue, National Plan for Youth and local youth policies?
  13. Can Local Youth Councils test the Council of Europe’s co-management model?
  14. What indicators can help us evaluate and support quality development of Local Youth Councils?